Daloki – Part 7: Hushabye (1)

(What follows is a blog written by Elexin and Daloki, originally published on Rolepages.com.)

How had he allowed this to go on so long? His mind searched and searched for another way, any way to escape the inevitable that lay before him. It was his fault: she was not to blame for what she became, and all the pain and sorrow she had inflicted were actually blights on his fragile soul.  His mind went back to their first meeting. He actually had thought she was an arrogant bitch, but something about her, something familiar had drawn his attention back to her. Asmo’s intervention didn’t help matters, along with his own tenuous grip on reality, it had spelled trouble from the start, BUT – something was there. Everyone knows that a love potion doesn’t work if something isn’t there to spark it anyway, even if they hadn’t realized it at the time.

Why had he ghouled her? Yes… he remembered, he had thought Continue reading

Daloki – Part 3: Elexin

GuiltyIn the end, winning the war against the Slayers had nothing to do with Daloki: she was too ill after being rescued to do much of anything. She was also wracked with guilt for having betrayed her friends and their cause. The fighting went on without her.

Then the Cheshire Cat Tavern and surrounding area suddenly vanished, along with everybody in it. The Slayers’ plan to transport them all into a prison went wildly askew, and Dal and the others found themselves on the desert planet called Bahari. It took them a good month to solve Bahari’s mysteries and get back to Worlds’ Crossing. Continue reading

Daloki – Part 2: The Slayers

There was nothing about the Blue Moon to warn Daloki of its dangers. To her amazement, food and drink were free (though the food came nowhere near the standards of the Inn of Worlds’ menu), and the patrons of the tavern were interesting, almost all of races she’d never heard of before. Yes, her smart mouth got her in trouble, but she made friends, particularly with Raelin Wolvarian Aero, a Nyxarian, and a half-elf shape-shifting magician who went by Kayion Ravagarde. Devek Slayter, a Felis – once he got over being pissed off at her because of a wisecrack or two – became a friend, as did Zazel the Ravyn-King and a few others.


Elexin Harbindale

The courtly gentleman vampire Elexin Harbindale became a friend as well. Actually, she nursed a secret crush on him, but since he looked to be a gorgeous 22 to her plain 37, she just laughed at herself about it. Continue reading