Daloki – Part 7: Hushabye (1)

(What follows is a blog written by Elexin and Daloki, originally published on Rolepages.com.)

How had he allowed this to go on so long? His mind searched and searched for another way, any way to escape the inevitable that lay before him. It was his fault: she was not to blame for what she became, and all the pain and sorrow she had inflicted were actually blights on his fragile soul.  His mind went back to their first meeting. He actually had thought she was an arrogant bitch, but something about her, something familiar had drawn his attention back to her. Asmo’s intervention didn’t help matters, along with his own tenuous grip on reality, it had spelled trouble from the start, BUT – something was there. Everyone knows that a love potion doesn’t work if something isn’t there to spark it anyway, even if they hadn’t realized it at the time.

Why had he ghouled her? Yes… he remembered, he had thought Continue reading

Daloki – Part 6: The Sabbat

Daloki’s relationship with Elexin had been deteriorating for some time. She had learned of many lies he’d told her – especially his saying he’d had only two wives before her, the dragon Fierra and the human Marlena, both deceased. In fact, she learned, he had several wives in different time periods – wives he still visited. Then, too, it seemed that the love potion was finally beginning to wear off.

Yet they were getting along fairly well when several important vampires disappeared, kidnapped by an unknown group. One of these was the Archon of Elexin’s Clan, the Ventrue. Elexin believed that the Sabbat – an organization of renegade vampires – was behind the kidnappings, and together he and Daloki put together a plan that would – they hoped – allow her to get information on the Archon’s whereabouts. But to do this, she would have to be initiated into the Sabbat.

This was probably the second dumbest move she’d made since coming to Hellifyno (after marrying Elexin). Continue reading

Daloki – Part 5: Shattered Changes

Shattered personalityNot only had her own personality been shattered by her time in the Nine Hells, but while lying in the Lake of Souls in the Abyss, Daloki had acquired other souls. One of them kept trying to kill her; another, Ramona by name, embarrassed her constantly by doing things like making sexual advances to others and having herself filmed pole dancing naked. Ramona also had Dal’s hair magically returned to its original black.

Daloki’s mother and her childhood self were just two of the personalities that came from her own mind. Another was a stern schoolteacher named Margaret, and Mauvais – someone Dal had been in her recent past – became a personality in her own right. Between them, Mother, Mauvais, Margaret and Ramona began to control the other, less strong personalities. Mauvais, though, was unstable herself. Continue reading