Feeding the Cats

LucyLucy sits by her bowl and waits. Even if she’s not looking at me, there’s this Presence demanding my attention. If there is no food in the bowl, she meows in an alto voice. If there is food in the bowl, she sits and Waits For Mommy To Do Her Job. In this case, I need to go to the bowl and either fork the food around or at least press a finger into it. At that point, she’ll eat. Slowly. Very, very slowly. That’s okay, because she throws up frequently, especially after a full meal. If she doesn’t eat it all at once, there’s a better chance it won’t come up again. Isn’t it amazing how a quarter of a can of patè can become a 3/4 puddle of cat vomit?

BuzzBiggest and youngest of the three cats, Buzz also has the highest voice – and though he doesn’t whine for food, he becomes hysterically vocal once Mommy has the cat food can in her hand. Purring and meowing at the same time, he stands on his back legs, stretched up as high as he can go, his tail vibrating furiously, until the food is in his bowl. Then he attacks the food and has cleaned the bowl (he gets a full can of Friskies filets in gravy) in about 90 seconds. Occasionally, however, he sniffs it and then diligently tries to cover it up. By that time I’m preparing to feed Continue reading