Crochet and Knitting Technique: The Two-Knot Join

Not long ago my friend Sassy gave me a link to a knotless yarn joining technique called the Russian join. It look exciting to both of us – a way to join a new strand of yarn to the existing one with no knot to form a lump in the work.

I found a video demonstrating the technique, but my first few tries were failures (so were Sassy’s). I went back to the video and studied it closely, and finally I was able to make the join – but there were problems. First, it doesn’t work well at all with yarns that split easily, because your stitches will be too loose. Second, it doubles the thickness of the yarn on both sides of the join for a couple of inches.

Unsatisfied, I went back to using another joining technique I had learned from a video. I wanted Sassy to learn it, but absolutely couldn’t locate the video again.

So this is not my technique. I don’t know where it originated. But I offer these instructions for anyone looking for a clean and easy way to join two strands of yarn. It can be used to add a new skein or ball when you’re working with a single color, or to switch colors. My only note is that it’s not good for changing colors at a specific point in a pattern – but then, neither is the Russian join.

The pictures are Sassy’s as she followed along with my instructions via messaging. I asked her to use two different colors of yarn to make it very easy for me to explain the technique.

The Two-Knot Join

First, take two ends of yarn and overlap them about 4 inches, not touching each other.Two-Knot Join - Beginning Continue reading

Princess Hat – From Free Crochet Pattern

Tomorrow morning a charity is coming to pick up items I am ready to give away. I decided to make something special as well when I ran across a Red Heart Yarn pattern. Here it is:

Princess Hat for a Little Girl

Princess Hat – Crocheted for Charity


The pattern is here: Flower Princess Crochet Collar and Hat Pattern (I didn’t have time to make the collar, too.)

I hope it makes some little girl feel like a princess!

Nelly Zagurian – RolePages character amigurumi doll

For her crocheted amigurumi doll, Nelly wanted warm skin, brown eyes and “generous curves,” a scoop neck top, and pleated lavender skirt and “purple-mauve” hair. Fortunately, she found a picture of some nail polish in the color she meant by “purple-mauve,” and I was able to find yarn to match.

The generous curves aren’t really apparent, but I think I did a good job with the rest. What do you think, Nelly?

Nelly Zagurian Amigurumi

Amigurumi Doll – Nelly Zagurian from

This was the first time I’d done a human amigurumi, and I learned some new techniques doing it – like how hard it is to do arms with worsted-weight yarn, because they are so slender. Now I tend to use DK or sport yarn for humanoid figures. The pattern I used here called for worsted.

Doll based on the Mini Free Spirit Doll from By Hook, By Hand, as are the bodice and shoes. The skirt is my own design.


  • Body, Caron Simply Soft in Bone.
  • Hair: Caron Simply Soft Light in Magenta.
  • Dress and shoes: Fashion Style Bamboo (found on eBay)