My Cats – Cricket, Lucy and Buzz

Cricket adopted us at the shelter by jumping into my mother’s lap, nuzzling the top of her head under Mom’s chin, and settling down – clearly, “Here I am and here I stay.” Lucy got a home with us because I’m a softie, she’d already been returned to the shelter once, she was older, and she was a beautiful little lady. Buzz joined us because I (mistakenly) thought Cricket would welcome a baby (she liked to groom ME).

I chronicle Cricket’s life and the anguish of losing her in Breaking My Heart – Losing My Sweet Cat Cricket.
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Breaking My Heart – Losing My Sweet Cat Cricket

Cricket liked warm places.There was no warning. Monday my beautiful cat Cricket was fine. Tuesday she didn’t come to get her breakfast – I called her from the kitchen first, as usual, and when she didn’t show up I figured she wanted her food upstairs. I went up to my office door and called again, but still she didn’t appear. Not till I sat down at my desk did I see her, way back under the desk.  I’m unable to kneel so I couldn’t get her out, but I was able to put the cat food bowl near her. After a few minutes she got up, sniffed at it, and walked past it, settling down still too far away for me to see her. As she is a very dark gray with black overtones, I couldn’t even get a good look at her.

I was concerned, but the last time she got lethargic and I took her to the vet, they couldn’t find anything special wrong with her, and the next day she was fine again. It was an expensive visit because they did a lot of blood work, so I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I’d wait and see how long the lethargy lasted. Continue reading

Arrowhead Leaf – Free Crochet Pattern

Arrowhead Leaf Free PatternMy first original free crochet pattern! I hope you enjoy the Arrowhead Leaf.
At the bottom of the page there is a button that will let you download a PDF of the pattern.


  1. At the end of all rounds, join with sl st under previous chain 1 and pull tight, then loosen loop a bit before ch 1. The first sc of each round then goes into the first sc. Loosening the loop makes it easier to locate the chain 1 for the join.
  2. “Inc” means 2 sc in one stitch.
  3. Ch-4 pattern: Into ch-4 loop, sc 2, ch-4, sc 2 (also described below)
  4. At the end there are two variations with borders for crab stitch or a softer slightly wavy border.

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