Breaking My Heart – Losing My Sweet Cat Cricket

Cricket liked warm places.There was no warning. Monday my beautiful cat Cricket was fine. Tuesday she didn’t come to get her breakfast – I called her from the kitchen first, as usual, and when she didn’t show up I figured she wanted her food upstairs. I went up to my office door and called again, but still she didn’t appear. Not till I sat down at my desk did I see her, way back under the desk.  I’m unable to kneel so I couldn’t get her out, but I was able to put the cat food bowl near her. After a few minutes she got up, sniffed at it, and walked past it, settling down still too far away for me to see her. As she is a very dark gray with black overtones, I couldn’t even get a good look at her.

I was concerned, but the last time she got lethargic and I took her to the vet, they couldn’t find anything special wrong with her, and the next day she was fine again. It was an expensive visit because they did a lot of blood work, so I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I’d wait and see how long the lethargy lasted. Continue reading

Arrowhead Leaf – Free Crochet Pattern

Arrowhead Leaf Free PatternMy first original free crochet pattern! I hope you enjoy the Arrowhead Leaf.
At the bottom of the page there is a button that will let you download a PDF of the pattern.


  1. At the end of all rounds, join with sl st under previous chain 1 and pull tight, then loosen loop a bit before ch 1. The first sc of each round then goes into the first sc. Loosening the loop makes it easier to locate the chain 1 for the join.
  2. “Inc” means 2 sc in one stitch.
  3. Ch-4 pattern: Into ch-4 loop, sc 2, ch-4, sc 2 (also described below)
  4. At the end there are two variations with borders for crab stitch or a softer slightly wavy border.

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Don’t Discount Behr’s Navajo White Paint So Quickly

In an article on, Five Things That Make Your House Look Chintzy, one of the things listed is Behr’s Navajo White Paint. While I agree that if used by itself, this color is as boring as boring can be, the article neglects a use for this paint that is absolutely stunning: Use it for sponge painting!

We used it in my bedroom and hallway and the results were magnificent. In the bedroom, we applied Sunset Gold (also by Behr) over Navajo White and the results are golden:

Navajo White + Sunset Gold = Golden Bedroom

Sunset Gold sponged over Navajo White. The accent wall is plain Sunset Gold because we couldn’t possibly move the waterbed.

And in the hallway, we carried the cocoa paint (sorry, I forgot the name) from the living room up into the hallway, then sponge-painted Navajo White over it to make a perfect transition (the carpet is new, too – it used to be very close to Najavo White):

Hallway transition from living room - cocoa to cocoa and cream using Navajo White..

Hallway transition from living room – cocoa to cocoa and cream.

So as you can see, the paint that is so boring by itself becomes a treasure when used for a faux finish. We created a golden bedroom and a cappuccino hallway. I couldn’t be happier with the results!